Kari Lake tells Tim Pool Phoenix, American cities are no longer safe

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On Friday, Kari Lake told Tim Pool that the only way to stop criminals “is for them to be more afraid of the victim” as the two talked about why crime in American cities has been growing. 

Pool used the case of Daniel Penny to point out the discrepancies in the New York justice system. Pool said that in 2022 there were 25 people shoved in front of trains in the city, but when three citizens tried to subdue a violent homeless person, the Democrats demanded one of them be charged.

Lake mentioned that it was “for trying to protect others really” and “it’s a pretty noble thing.”

Pool said, “there is another story happening in New York. A homeless black man went to a restaurant and took a pride flag and used it to clean himself after relieving himself outside. They are demanding a maximum sentence for him.”

“If you’re a homeless man who is unwell and you defecate on a pride flag, they want you locked up maximum sentence, if you are a Marine, trying to protect others from a homeless, violent man, the homeless man is now the victim,” Pool added.

“I always say we’re living on a crazy planet,” Lake responded.

“I don’t feel safe in American cities right now. Phoenix is dangerous,” Lake said. “It wasn’t so long ago. We were driving downtown to the Capitol and we got into Phoenix and for about 10 minutes we’re driving I was looking out the window and I was like, ‘I have not seen one person walking on the street except for homeless people.'”

“This is a serious problem. These people are a danger to others, and they’re a danger to themselves,” Lake added. “God didn’t envision any one of us living in a tent on the street with a needle in our arm. And we can help these people and we can help them get better if we care enough.”

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