Kari Lake Throws Down the Gauntlet: ‘Let’s See If You’re as Tough in a Debate as You Are Behind Your Keyboard’

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Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake called on Garrett Archer, a political analyst for KNXV-TV in Phoenix who uses the Twitter handle “Data Guru,” to accept a debate challenge from pollster Rich Barris over the legitimacy of the recent midterm elections in the state.

Barris tweeted Saturday, “The 2022 Arizona midterm elections were not conducted legitimately. I have no problem extending invites to PUBLICLY debate me over that fact. All fake ‘gurus’ … are welcome to apply.”

“A word of caution. You’re not as smart as you think you are and I’m going to embarrass you,” he added.

Lake’s campaign Twitter account replied, “We’d pay to watch @Garrett_Archer actually consider evidence of election fraud.”

Archer responded, “Me too. Do you have any?”

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