Kindergarteners made to mask between bites during silent lunch

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While many Washington schools are beginning to walk back draconian COVID restrictions on children after public outcry, some schools are doubling down on onerous regulations. Like many other area schools Queen Anne Elementary School in Seattle is forcing children as young as Kindergarten to eat meals outside.

In an email to parents, the school has thanked children that are “…bringing yoga mats and towels to sit on, and staff and I have marked off 6 ft. distances so students know their ‘spots’ on the basketball court.'”

When it rains, children are moved to covered areas while still sitting six feet apart to socially distance.

However, “…if the rain is ‘coming down sideways’ …students whose parents have completed the Eating in the Cafeteria Permission Form During Extreme Weather would be given the choice of continuing to eat under the coverings and make “the best of it,” or alternatively go inside to the cafeteria.

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