LA Business Owner Turns on Democrats After Becoming Victim of Burglary: ‘I’m Sick of It’

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Like a blindly devoted wife finally figuring out that her abusive husband is never going to change his ways, some California Democrats are slowly waking up to the reality that life under a Democratic administration can be Groundhog Day when it comes to crime.

A Los Angeles business owner whose company was targeted by thieves on Thursday lashed out at the Democrats he voted for who have done nothing to stop the rising crime in the city, according to KTTV-TV in Los Angeles.

Ryan Baggaley told the station that a group of burglars used a stolen vehicle to smash through a security gate and enter Delta Construction & Electric Co. in the Glassell Park neighborhood around 4 a.m., destroying his gate and making off with thousands of dollars worth of musical instruments, audio equipment and construction tools.

Surveillance footage showed the thieves driving a blue Kia Soul hatchback through the locked gate and then rushing to load items into the car.

Baggaley said the police told him the vehicle was stolen from an LAPD impound yard which was recognizable by a distinguishing chalk mark on the window.

He told KTTV that after the alarm company woke him up at 5:03 a.m., he rushed to the site, getting there before the police and hoping to “at least take down a few of them.” However, the criminals were gone.

“I voted for [LA Mayor] Karen Bass. I voted for [President Joe] Biden. I voted for [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom,” Baggaley said, naming three Democrats. “I’m sick of it.”

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