Largest Methodist Church in Michigan Votes 616-9 to Leave the Denomination

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Jesus was a rebel. He rebelled against the world and overcame it. In times like these, Christian unity can be found in rebellion.

But Christians are, of course, to strive for peace and avoid conflict when they can. Where to draw the line?

Take the case of Cornerstone Church of Caledonia in Michigan, the largest United Methodist congregation in the state.

It has voted to leave the mainline Protestant denomination, according to The Christian Post. The vote wasn’t close, either. The final tally came in at 616-9, with two abstentions.

The UMC website emphasized that the split has not been contentious. I guess it was a peaceful rebellion of sorts.

“This isn’t a renegade spirit that we have,” Cornerstone pastor Ken Nash said. “We want to have a connection [with the UMC] in the future. It just doesn’t have to be as formalized.”

“We realized we can have a gracious exit,” Nash continued. “That allowed us an opportunity for more dialogue around how can we continue to be a bridge between the differences and not be forced into one camp or another.”

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