Lauren Boebert Announces She Is Going to Be a Grandmother at Age 36

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At an age when some women are just beginning their journeys of motherhood, Colorado GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert has announced she’ll be venturing on a journey of grandmotherhood.

The outspoken Republican firebrand was speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference Women’s Breakfast on Saturday in Maryland when she dropped the bombshell news.

Boebert was billed as a guest speaker for the event but was also there for the conservative nonprofit Moms for America to reward her with the “Mothers Influence Award.”

Moms for America hailed the congresswoman for her “incredible stance in empowering moms, promoting liberty, and raising patriots” in a Twitter post.

“I’m a mom of four boys,” Boebert said during the event. “And I’ve said many times, [husband] Jayson and I, we are raising our four boys to be men before liberals teach them to be women.”

After a round of applause at her transgender quip, she dropped the news about son Tyler and his girlfriend.

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