Lauren Boebert does not 'stoke' anti-LGBTQ sentiment—she advocates to protect kids

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Jumping on their newest bully tactic of frantically accusing anyone who criticizes progressive LGBTQ policies of causing violence to LGBTQ people, LGBTQ Nation decided to escalate the rhetoric to a whole new level.

With only a few days passing since the Colorado Club Q shooting, which still has no released motive, though the suspect is reportedly non-binary, the LGBTQ news site declared in a headline, 12 times that Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert stoked anti-LGBTQ violence that led to a mass shooting.

Essentially, Boebert is accused of supporting a laundry list of mainstream conservative positions, ranging from opposing transgender medical transition in minors and children to speaking out against teenage girls being pushed out of girls’ sports, to advocating against adult-themed sexuality and gender ideology being promoted in children’s media. 

She has criticized policies advocated for by Assistant Secretary for Health, Biden’s trans diversity hire Adm. Rachel Levine. Boebert asked about a new TSA policy saying, “By decreasing pat-downs & identity validation measures for transgenders, the TSA is practically inviting terrorists to take advantage of our weak & woke security systems,” LGBTQ activists have declared any questioning of their agenda is now dangerous.

LGBTQ activists have resorted to accusing proponents of parental rights legislation, efforts to prevent children from being exposed to sexually-explicit drag shows, opposing pornographic materials in schools and exposing teachers and other professionals in charge of children who boast online of imposing sexual and gender ideology onto kids without parental consent of attacking all LGBTQ people. 

In August, the Human Rights Campaign released a hair-on-fire study declaring the term “groomer” to be an anti-LGBTQ slur and determined the term had increased in usage on social media by 400 percent. For the record, this is the Human Rights Campaign equating the term “groomer” with LGBTQ people, and not, as they believe, pointing out that this is what others do—they don’t.

Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate argued, “We’re in the middle of a growing wave of hate and demonization targeting LGBTQ+ people,” continuing, “Online hate and lies reflect and reinforce offline violence and hate. The normalization of anti-LGBTQ+ narratives in digital spaces puts LGBTQ+ people in danger.” 

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