Laurence Fox fights back against gender identity indoctrination in new documentary

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Actor Laurence Fox has released a new documentary to show parents just what they are up against with the infiltration of gender ideology into schools. “Groomed: How Schools Sexualize Your Children” is out from Reclaim the Media, and it’s one of a growing number of films intended to fight back against gender identity indoctrination, which had been creeping along under the radar for more than a decade and has now emerged fully formed.

Fox spoke to The Post Millennial about the film, and what he hopes the parents who see it will learn about the harms of gender ideology and the insidious way it has been pushed into schools, and onto children, with parents barely even noticing what was going on. And he hopes parents see that how this indoctrination pushes the sterilizing of teens and young adults under the guise of “affirmation” and “gender euphoria.”

Fox, a father, an actor, and a former London mayoral candidate has spoken out against several ongoing narratives, such as critical race theory and he criticized lockdowns and the stifling of British rights during the recent Covid pandemic. When gender ideology showed up in his home, the issue became personal as the state was now getting in the way of his parenting his own children. His experience and research into these issues have inspired Fox to launch a campaign for a new Children’s Charter, to protect children from indoctrination.

He told The Post Millennial about an incident at home, with his son, when he routinely said “give me a hug before bed.”

Fox said to his 14-year old son before bed, “‘give us a hug,’ and he said ‘no, you need to ask my consent.'” Fox was taken aback, and asked what that was about.

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