Law enforcement can't find Ezra Miller after he's accused of harassing an 18-year old boy

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North Dakota Law Enforcement is having difficulty finding Ezra Miller after a tribal judge issued a protection order against the 33-year-old “Justice League” actor. Miller, according to Standing Rock Sioux court documents, is accused of emotionally manipulating, intimidating, and physically abusing an 18-year-old boy.

The order comes at the request of parents Chase Iron Eyes and Sarah Jumping Eagle for the protection of their son, Tokata Iron Eyes. Since their request was granted, they hope to separate their son from the influence of Miller.

“Tokata needs help without Ezra’s interference. Ezra is a 29-year-old person who needs to get help on their own path and not interfere with Tokata’s development as their own person,” Jumping Eagle told the Los Angeles Times.

Jumping Eagle says she’s also been the victim of an assault attempt by Miller.

The order should offer protection from any unsolicited contact on the part of Miller, who currently cannot be found.

The parents say they’ve tried to serve the actor as many as three times at his Vermont residence. Law enforcement can’t find the actor in North Dakota.

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