Law Professor Blows Up Biden’s ‘Corvette’ Excuse, Explains How POTUS May Have Set Trap for Himself

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President Joe Biden may have thought that he had a brilliant response to the classified documents scandal now engulfing his presidency, but one law professor says otherwise.

We have seen a number of excuses so far regarding the revelation that Joe Biden took classified documents with him at the end of his term as vice president in 2017.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D – Ga.) suggested that the documents may have been planted, while other leftists have excused Biden’s “error” because they claim Biden, unlike Donald Trump, is a “good person.”

Now it has been revealed that a number of classified documents were found at Biden’s Delaware home, in the garage next to his Corvette. In response, Biden said that his garage was locked and therefore the documents were safe.

Now, as a special counsel gets underway to investigate the documents, Biden’s counsel is claiming that the documents were taken “inadvertently,” and therefore, what Biden did was not criminal.

Yet, in an article for Fox News, George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said this argument is belied by the facts of the case.

First off, Turley said it is clear that the documents were moved more than once, as Biden took them when he left office in 2017, and that different files have now appeared in different locations.

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