Lawyer for Pregnant ‘Karen’ Accused of Trying to Steal from Black Men: She Paid for the Bike and Has Receipts to Prove It

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A pregnant New York City woman who went viral on Twitter after she was accused of racism during a dispute with several young men about a rented bicycle paid for the bike, her attorney said Wednesday.

He also provided what he said was proof, the New York Post reported Thursday.

In a video that has been viewed millions of times, Sarah Comrie, wearing medical scrubs, got into an altercation over a Citi Bike with a man off-camera who tried to take it from her.

In the clip, the man claimed he paid to rent it and Comrie tried to steal it from him.

“Help!” she yelled while the man said, “This is my bike on my account, please move.”

As the confrontation continued, Comrie, who is white, was jostled by one of the young men, who are black, and started crying.

The expectant mother was labeled a “Karen” by numerous Twitter users.

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