Lawyer: J6 Detainee Treatment Totally ‘Abnormal’; Film Director: Nobody ‘Immune to Lies’

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After a media interview from inside jail, communication with a Jan. 6 detainee went dark. His father, Ned Lang, and lawyer Steven Metcalf tell us about the year-long saga of Jake Lang’s pretrial incarceration.

Then in America Q&A, we ask people across the country how they feel about the treatment of Jan. 6 detainees like Jake.

Next, a brave new film “Unsilenced” brings us to 1999 China, when the communist regime unleashed a nightmare on 100 million people. Award-winning director Leon Lee explores what people are willing to risk to tell the truth. The film opens in select theaters across North America Jan. 21.

Finally, in our second America Q&A: do you think Chinese-state human rights abuses are relevant to people in America?

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