Lead FBI agent who warned Twitter about 'Russian disinformation' dump is repeat donor to Democratic Party: report

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FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, an operative who allegedly warned Twitter in 2020 that the Hunter Biden laptop story reported by the New York Post was a Russian disinformation dump, also made financial donations to Democrats.

War Room’s Natalie Winters said “Elvis Chan – the lead FBI agent ‘warning’ Twitter about ‘Russian disinformation’ and a compromising story about Hunter Biden – is a repeat Democrat Donor. It’s so in your face.”

According to the Federal Elections Commission website, Chan donated $100 to ActBlue, a left-wing PAC, right after the 2020 presidential elections.

The reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop, by Emma-Jo Morris in the New York Post was censored by Twitter under the guide of it having been based on hacked material. Morris wrote of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell,” a discarded laptop left at a Delaware computer repair shop. Its contents implicated Joe Biden and his son in corruption connected with influence peddling and profiteering compounded by Hunter Biden’s love for hookers, illegal guns, and crack.

Yoel Roth, former head of Twitter Trust and Safety, submitted a disclosure to the FEC that stated that the social media giant had been warned by the FBI that a Russian disinformation dump was imminent. When the New York Post’s reporting came around, Roth and Twitter execs assumed that was it.

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