Leaked Target Memo Reveals Retail Giant Has Learned Nothing from $9B LGBT Protest Losses – Report

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It has all of the earmarks of an abusive relationship, but Target keeps coming back for more.

The retail giant recently took a financial beating when it lost more than $9 billion in market value in the span of a week after commemorating LGBT “pride” by selling “tuck friendly” and “binding clothing” made for children.

Combined with the choice to sell items made by a Satanic artist, the company has faced severe backlash for being in bed with the worst and most radical woke leftist causes.

Instead of learning how to quit the progressives squeezing the life out of the company, Target appears to be leaning into its love affair with ideologies that will be its undoing.

In a memo purportedly leaked from the company Thursday, Target thanked employees for weathering the storm caused by its perverted product lines before commemorating the three-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd.

The company offered its employees counseling services to deal with the trauma of the criminal’s untimely death. (Of course, the memo didn’t mention the actual damage caused by ensuing riots and looting that forced Target to temporarily close at least 100 stores.)

This unconfirmed but plausible message came from State Freedom Caucus Network’s Greg Price via Twitter.

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