Learning from Bud Light? Coca-Cola Shareholders Shoot Down 3 Attempts to Turn the Company Fully Woke

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Maybe the lessons of the Bud Light disaster are starting to sink in.

In a sign that American investors aren’t happy with the “go woke, go broke” ideas taking hold in too many corporate offices, Coca-Cola Co. shareholders last week soundly rejected three proposals pushed by leftist activists to push the company further into leftist causes.

And while Coca-Cola is hardly a paragon of conservative positions, the votes could well mean that even liberal-leaning corporations are seeing the costs to their bottom lines.

The vote generating most of the headlines nationally dealt with a proposal to study how individual states’ pro-life laws affect the company’s business — and potentially make decisions about “closure or expansion of operations” based on access to abortion.

It was defeated by nearly 87 percent of controlling shares, according to the proxy vote.

(Company votes aren’t based on a “one-person, one vote” as in an election, but on the percentage of shares that are owned by the voter.)

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