Legendary comedian Russell Brand SLAMS Justin Trudeau over crackdown on freedom protesters

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Russell Brand slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being nothing more than a “tyrant.” Trudeau recently invoked the Emergencies Act to give his government more power and then abruptly reversed it amid extreme backlash a little over a week later.

To this, Brand said “Even though the emergency measures have been revoked, because they’ve done their job, that’s like revoking, punching you in the face because you’re unconscious.”

“Canada’s three-week old freedom convoy is nearly over,” Brand said. “Every trucker blockade in Canada has been cleared. The mostly peaceful protests against the liberal government’s vaccine mandate for truckers are being broken up by law enforcement.”

“Under Mr. Trudeau’s decree,” he quoted from The Wall Street Journal, “police had the authority to push back crowds on for or with horses use pepper spray and attacks and other vehicles by whatever means necessary and make arrests on mass. That’s what they did. So it’s just worth checking in there. Push back crowds use pepper spray in a trucks and other vehicles make arrests on mass hold that image.

“In December 2020, Mr. Trudeau chided India for its police response to farmers blockades of Delhi, let me remind you, he said, ‘Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest.’ Oh, okay, then whether or not there are extremist elements to a protest or indeed any large group of human beings. You can see why it’s favorable to amplify that narrative, if you want to oppose and shut down any form of dissent. And that’s exactly what’s happened here.”

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