Liberal Media’s Kansas City Chiefs Blackface Hoax: Everything You Need to Know

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The far-left sports and culture outlet Deadspin faced a backlash this week after one of its writers dedicated an entire article Monday to making it appear as though a young fan of the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs not only showed up to a game in blackface but also offended Native Americans.

However, there were a number of glaring issues that quickly pointed to the article being a hoax. All of them could have been addressed had the outlet expected to be held accountable by the public.

First off, the child who was the subject of the vicious attack was not wearing blackface but rather had his face painted opposite and equal sides red and black, which are two of the Chiefs’ four colors.

Deadspin’s Carron J. Phillips shared a deceptive screen shot from the CBS telecast of the Chiefs’ game against the Las Vegas Raiders that showed only the side of the child’s face that was painted black.

The fact was pointed out by X’s community notes after Deadspin shared the report on the platform:

Second, Phillips tore into the 9-year-old for wearing a Native American headdress. However, it turned out the boy is a member of a federally recognized American Indian tribe and his grandfather is part of that tribe’s elected government.

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