Liberal MPs say Trudeau has pushed party ‘ultra left’ with NDP deal

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Some Liberal MPs are voicing their discontent with the Liberal-NDP confidence and supply agreement, saying that they were not consulted on the matter and that the party may be drifting too far left.

One Liberal MP, who spoke to the Hill Times anonymously, said that the party was already too far left before the agreement, saying that the party has officially “joined this ultra-left.”

The agreement, announced last week, will allow the Liberals to remain in power until 2025, so long as they commit to working for NDP priorities such as dental care and pharmacare.

The Hill Times reports that the deal came as a surprise to many in the party, adding that they were upset that they were not so much as consulted on the agreement, while the NDP caucus was able to vote on it.

Many Liberals were only made aware of the decision following a 90-minute caucus meeting where they were given time to as questions. Some, however, say they were not convinced of the rationale.

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