Liberals Will Hate What Research Co. Just Found Out About American’s Thoughts on Musk

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On Monday, a market research company presented some solid data regarding the national drama Twitter has become.

Elon Musk’s progressive opponents will not be pleased with the results of the HarrisX poll.

Watching the way the billionaire runs Twitter is the equivalent of watching someone using a laser pointer to play with a cat. He keeps people on the social media platform scrambling, trying to keep up with all the developments.

Twitter has released so much consequential material since Musk took over — such as the “Twitter Files” reports of censorship with FBI involvement — it’s becoming hard to process. This is in addition to the renewed freedom of speech on the platform, which has made the site much more informative, interesting and dramatic.

Despite the serious issues involved and the implications of Twitter’s malfeasance under the previous management, sometimes Musk seems to amuse himself by toying with the progressives users who have come to hate him so much.

This may have been the case when Musk offered up a poll on Sunday on whether he should step down as the head of Twitter and said he would abide by the results.

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