Libs Horrified Over People Standing for National Anthem at Restaurant: ‘Most Dangerous Situation’ Ever

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A TikTok video that shows patrons of a restaurant standing for the national anthem has gone viral after leftists who watched it expressed disgust with outward displays of patriotism.

The clip, which is only 14 seconds in length, and its reaction on the platform are really a metric of where much of the population stands in regard to showing pride for their country — and displaying hostility toward those who do.

Last week, the TikTok user paulinappa_0 tagged the Fallbrook, California, restaurant Rainbow Oaks Country Market in a video.

People in the restaurant stood to recognize the American flag on a series of screens as “The Star-Spangled Banner” played.

Not so long ago, nearly everyone in such a situation would have stood to show their respect for the flag and everything it represents.

But the TikTok user who posted the clip described being present for the national anthem as, “By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.”

The user also used the tags “#godblessamerica,” “#getout,” “#illegal,” and “#whitepeoplethings.”

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