Life-Sentence Criminal Released by Obama Charged with Attempted Murder

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A convicted drug dealer whose life sentence was commuted by President Barack Obama is back behind bars after his arrest in connection with a Chicago-area shooting.

Mills, 54, was convicted of several crimes related to the distribution of cocaine in 1994.

The Illinois man had previously been convicted of crack cocaine possession, meriting him a life sentence, the New York Post reported.

However, Obama signed off on Mills’ release in December 2015, according to a Justice Department news release. He was released the following December.

Progressive Democrats — such as Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren — heralded the move, arguing Mills’ life sentence had been unfair.

Durbin, who had asked Obama to look into the commutation, even used a picture of Mills to promote the First Step Act, a prison release law signed by former President Donald Trump in 2018.

This time, Mills is being detained on three attempted murder charges that could land him back in prison for life.

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