[LIVE 10AM ET] CHAT WITH JOSH: Has the FBI Become a Weapon of the Democrats?

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Join us for this live Q&A with Joshua Philipp! Immediately after the live chat, we’ll replay the latest episode of Crossroads Tonight!

FBI agents who refused to break the law, who refused to carry out what they viewed as unlawful orders, or who came out to expose alleged crimes being committed within the agency itself, have been punished by the FBI. Some lost their jobs. Some went without pay. Many of them were defamed and attacked by news outlets after members of Congress selectively leaked information.

The agents lost their well-being, their reputations were harmed, and they knowingly faced these punishments in order to uphold the values that the FBI was once expected to uphold. This was the gist of the hearing Thursday on what’s gone wrong with the FBI. It was part of the investigation by the Select Subcommittee into the “weaponization” of the federal government, which is being conducted under the House Judiciary Committee.

In this episode of Crossroads, we’ll be speaking about this story and others.

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