[LIVE 5/22, 10AM ET] CHAT WITH JOSH: How ‘Anti-Establishment’ Became the Winning Policy for Republicans

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Join us for this live Q&A with Joshua Philipp! Immediately after the live chat, we’ll replay the latest episode of Crossroads Tonight!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his run for president in 2024 sometime next week. On Thursday, he took a swipe at former President Donald Trump, allegedly saying during a private call to donors that he’s the only one who could beat President Joe Biden. Yet his poll numbers are looking rough, as the DeSantis campaign is still trying to recover from a drop in support after New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought charges against Trump.

This highlights the elephant in the room for the 2024 presidential race. There are two topics that Republican voters have front and center. One is stopping woke culture. The other is putting an end to government corruption. Being part of the “establishment” is now a toxic label. Not pushing back hard enough on woke politics is seen as an endorsement of child abuse and racial division. Not taking a strong enough stand against the weaponization of justice is itself seen as an injustice. These two issues will likely decide who Republicans choose as the frontrunner.

In this episode of “Crossroads,” we’ll discuss this issue and others.

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