[LIVE NOW] CHAT WITH JOSH: Will Self-Defense Become Illegal Through the Jordan Neely Case?

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Join us for this live Q&A with Joshua Philipp! Immediately after the live chat, we’ll replay the latest episode of Crossroads Tonight!

If someone you love were threatened, or even physically attacked, do you have the right to defend them? And even more so, when police are being defunded and when criminals are being released onto the streets, do you have the right to protect yourself? Do you have to just let things happen? Do you just watch while innocent people are victimized by criminals? Well, these questions are currently on trial in New York regarding the death of Jordan Neely—and the former U.S. Marine being charged with his manslaughter.

Meanwhile, a leaked Pentagon report dismantles what we’ve been told about COVID-19 and its origins. In particular, it contradicts the Proximal Origin study that was used by people—including Dr. Anthony Fauci—when trying to debunk the lab leak theory. We speak about this with Hans Mahncke, author of the report and co-host of EpochTV’s “Truth Over News.”

Also, a recent Epoch Times investigation found something shocking: An activist group has been secretly sending sex-change kits to children, and they’ve been shipping these materials to kids all over the United States. To speak with us on this is the author of that investigative piece, Epoch Times reporter Jackson Elliot.

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