LIVE WOMB DONORS: Biological women who undergo hysterectomy for sex change could give wombs to trans-identified males who want full female experience: youth gender clinician

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Researchers in gender medicine are looking into ways that young trans-identified, biological females could become live organ donors, providing their unwanted reproductive organs to biological males who identify as women and fantasize about being able to menstruate and give birth.

Alicyn Simpson, a trans-identified male who works in the gender clinic at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Children’s Hospital, gave a shocking presentation on the topic last year during a Fertility in LGBTQAI+ event. 

Simpson, who is a community navigator for the youth gender and sexual development program at UPMC Children’s Hospital, began the talk by advocating for adolescent sex changes and discussing the need to offer fertility preservation to the young people about to embark on an irreversible medical pathway that will leave them infertile for life. 

The talk took a bizarre turn when Simpson introduced the topic of uterine transplants for transgender males.

After first acknowledging that the subject was “a little bit controversial” and “raises a lot of ethical questions,” Simpson presented 2021 research that investigated the possibility of young women who believe themselves to be men donating their uteruses and vaginas to men who believe themselves to be women.

Citing 42 successful uterine transplants, all performed on actual women who for one reason or another had no uterus, and 12 live births that have been recorded following these transplants, Simpson suggested that research indicates this to be a viable option for males who identify as women.

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