Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department being investigated for ‘law enforcement gang’ activity

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A “gang” scandal within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has the city’s Inspector General pushing for a further investigation. Groups within law enforcement are being accused of discrimination, while lead Sheriff Alex Villanueva denounces it as an effort by progressives to smear his agency.

Reporter Cerise Castle responded to the recent news by citing her own 15-part series about the subject that was published last year.

According to a recent Rolling Stone report, the Los Angeles Inspector General Max Huntsman is investigating “at least 41 deputies” for alleged involvement in “law enforcement gangs.” Tattoos are cited as a sign of evidence in the inquiry. Allegedly they’ve come across eleven potential “Banditos” gang members and thirty “Executioners” on this basis.

The usage of tattoos is highlighted by the LA Inspector General as proof of group coordination. As to answering what a “deputy gang” is, there’s differences in answers. The claims made by the I.G. assert that it’s a clique that can discriminate against minorities, while the Sheriff’s office itself has rebutted such claims as part of an effort to further defund police.

IG Huntsman lists three different internal investigations at the Sheriff’s Department he claims indicate gang-like behavior. His office is investigating whether or not the Banditos or Executioners groups are acting in a way towards minorities that violates anti-discrimination laws.

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