Louisiana mom of 'trans kid' testifies to state House that eating green vegetables is a sign of trans identity

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The Louisiana House Health and Welfare Committee heard testimony Tuesday from detransitioners who support a proposed ban on child sex changes as well as bizarre stories from mothers of so-called “trans kids” who oppose the ban, including one who thought her young daughter’s liking for raw green vegetables was a sign she was a boy.

HB 463, known as the Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act, was proposed by Rep. Gabe Firment (R). It would prohibit doctors from performing experimental sex changes on those under 18. The Health and Welfare Committee heard hours of testimony from those supporting and opposing the bill.

One mother described her female child being a very difficult baby who never slept, cried all the time, and then displayed odd food choices such as a fixation on raw green vegetables. The mother attributed this to her female child being transgender and eating the green vegetables as a way to boost testosterone. However, insomnia and odd food choices based upon texture are classic signs of childhood autism. It is common for autistic children to have a strong preference for food of a certain texture, such as crunchy raw vegetables.

Then came a mother of twin girls who told the story of buying a toy tool bench for her girls when they were 18 months old. At the time, one was drawn to “boy toys” and she joked that if the child came out as a man later in life, she couldn’t say she hadn’t seen it coming. When her daughter started to articulate that she was a boy, the mother interpreted the tool bench as a sign that even at 18 months, she had been able to sense what her child knew all along.

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