Lutheran pastor, father of 'trans kid' says 'transphobia is a sin, trans people are divine'

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A Lutheran pastor and father of a male child who has undergone an experimental medical sex change recently declared that transphobia is a sin and that trans people are divine.

Rev. Christopher Bruesehoff, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, took part in the #TransphobiaIsASin social media campaign on Jan 15. The campaign asked that people share a photograph of themselves holding a sign bearing the message “transphobia is a sin” along with the hashtag. 

The pastor’s wife, Jamie Bruesehoff, shared the photograph of her husband’s message on her Facebook account, with a statement declaring that “not only is transphobia a sin, but transgender people are whole and holy.”

“Transphobia is a sin. Trans people are divine. Trans people exist because their ancestors existed,” the statement continued, followed by a call to “denounce the sin of transphobia in our communities and institutions and loudly, boldly and joyfully proclaim that trans people are created in God’s image to be their extraordinary selves.”

The Bruesehoffs have three children, one of whom identifies as a member of the opposite sex. Both parents have become fierce advocates for the right of children to access experimental sex change drugs and surgeries and spaces reserved for those of the opposite sex. 

The family tell their story in an episode of My Trans Life. Their child, Rebekah, describes being extremely gender-nonconforming in early childhood, and then discovering the term transgender at age 8.

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