MAGA MAGA MAGA!: Steve Bannon ROARS his support for Donald J. Trump in EPIC CPAC speech

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Speaking at CPAC on Friday afternoon, Steve Bannon stressed the importance of Trump winning the 2024 presidential election, noting that under Trump’s first term he “gave us four years of peace and prosperity.”

“In a very volatile time in American history he gave us four years of peace and prosperity. You know why? You know why? He put you in the room to make decisions. Out of the room, out of the deal,” Bannon told the crowd.

“And Trump not only puts you in the room, he puts you at the head of the table. And that’s why they hate him. They don’t hate him because he’s Trump, they hate him because he represents you. He gives you a voice and they will not back down.”

Bannon continued on to criticize Fox News’ coverage of Trump, stating, “What happened in the first week of January, you had Matt Gaetz and Boebert and the magnificent six and they put it on the line. And what did Fox News do? They rolled out Karl Rove and the hack from the Bush administration that got us in this mess and say we need unity.

“We’re not looking for unity, we’re looking for victory. We’re not looking for compromise, we’re looking to save our country,” he added.

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