Man Who Pretends to Be a Woman Whines About Being Banned from Competing Against Women at Olympics

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As the far left drags the world into a rainbow-colored abyss, there has always been the lingering question of, “When will they push too far?”

In other words, on what bizarre hill would the left be willing to die on despite it clearly being a losing issue with the masses?

There is now mounting evidence that transgenderism is that hill — and they are absolutely losing that fight.

Case in point, World Athletics, the international governing body of a variety of cardio-focused sports, such as track and field, cross country running, mountain running and “ultra running,” sparked a wave of controversy in March when it decided that transgender women (men pretending to be women) had no business competing against actual women in various events.

At the time, World Athletics announced that “there are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in athletics” and cited that as one reason for pushing forward with these changes.

Well, now a transgender runner is taking his grievances to Reuters, complaining to the outlet about the WA’s decision.

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