Man Who Transformed Himself Into ‘Alien’ Hits Problem as He’s ‘Barred from Restaurants’

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A thirtysomething tattoo artist who has undergone multiple body-mutilating surgeries to transform himself into a “black alien” laments that he has been “barred from restaurants” and has trouble securing employment because of his terrifying appearance.

Despite this, Anthony Loffredo says he’s only 46 percent complete with his radical metamorphosis, which he has coined the “Black Alien Project.”

“If I want to eat at a restaurant, sometimes the server says I can’t eat on the terrace,” Loffredo told LADbible this month.

It’s probably because he looks downright scary after changing almost his entire body, including the following:

• Removed both his ears.
• Cut off his nostrils and lips.
• Amputated two of his fingers.
• Split his tongue.
• Sharpened and dyed his teeth purple.
• Tattooed his entire body and face — including his eyes.

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