Maryland man sues local tavern for kicking him out over being 'old and white'

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“Yes, you are banned,” Skinner replied. “You are not allowed to come back in here.”

Though not heard in the footage, Glessner alleged that Skinner then said, “All of you old white men act like you own everything. Just get the f*ck out. Neither of you are welcome here.”

Glessner has claimed that the incident left him with “irreparable economic loss, humiliation, embarrassment, mental and emotional distress, and strain on relationships.” 

He stated in the lawsuit that since being kicked out, he was made aware of six other white men who were “barred from Dan’s for otherwise inexplicable reasons.”

“I do feel Dan and Charlotte discriminated against me because of my age and race and have sufficient evidence to prove this in a federal court of law,” Glessner told the Daily Mail, adding, “they have an undeniable history of mistreating and discriminating against many others in our community due to age, race, and political affiliations.”

Charlotte Aufdem-Brinke, who owns the restaurant with her ex-husband Dan, told a different story, claiming that Glessner and Michael had been asked to leave after “repeated occurrences of disruptive behavior against members of our team.”

“Dan and I opened our restaurant in 2012 based upon a shared set of values and a clear vision of what we wanted this space to become,” she said on social media. “We wanted to offer Boonsboro a place where everyone feels a sense of belonging.”

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