Maryland mother blasts new education framework for explicit subjects

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In a petition to the State Board of Education, a Maryland mother is expressing her frustration at the direction of public education concerning sexually-charged topics.

Speaking against the instruction of sexual acts in the classroom, cross-gendered restrooms, and little willingness to discuss the issue, the mother blasted the state’s implementation of a new health education framework.

“I will always be kind to any person that I cross paths with and I will teach my children to do the same,” she said. “But kindness does not mean rolling over and letting someone steamroll your boundaries. When you force your ideologies down the throats of others and then they push back, that does not mean they hate you. That is them telling you: ‘this is the boundary.'”

The comments come as Maryland implements new ways to talk about sexuality, gender identity, and other subjects in a classroom setting. The framework also makes provisions for children as young as 10 to begin learning about what many consider to adult topics.

“Anal sex should not be taught in our public schools,” the mother said. “With the amount of learning loss that our children have suffered in the last two years, I am appalled that the Maryland State Board of Education would prioritize this direction in the instruction of our children. And at the exclusion of topics that absolutely should be included.”

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