MASSACRE OF CANADIAN COPS: Police 'scared to go to work right now'

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Since September 2022, nine Canadian police officers have been murdered, changing a trend that had seen only an average of two Canadian cops killed per year dating back to 1990.

President of the Ottawa Police Association Matthew Cox said to the Epoch Times, “It’s as if there is an actual attack on the policing community. We have never seen this before in Canada.”

Canada has seen an increase in violent crime since 2020 and Cox said many police are scared to go to work right now, according to the Epoch Times.

Cox added, “I think that the government needs to get itself involved and start toughening up on the crime bills.”

According to the National Post, the acting deputy chief of Edmonton Police Service’s community policing bureau, “Tragic, senseless deaths like these set off a wide range of emotions for all of us. We are all human. So many things go through a police officer’s mind when the unthinkable happens.”

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