Massive surge in illegal immigrants cross into Texas as Title 42 set to expire

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On Sunday, hundreds of illegal immigrants crossed over into Brownsville, Texas in anticipation of Thursday’s expiration of Title 42, the Trump-era policy instituted under Covid that granted Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security officials the ability to expel illegal immigrants over health concerns.

Bill Melugin reporting for Fox News posted video of the “enormous line of hundreds of migrants who just crossed illegally into Brownsville, Texas.”

After Joe Biden took office he loosened restrictions along the southern border and HHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made the announcement that migrants seeking asylum would be permitted entry into the US as would unaccompanied minors. Biden also said that the time to lift Title 42 was “overdue.” The expiration date was set for May 2022 but was delayed after a federal court ordered it to stay in place. In November 2022, US District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered Title 42 to be lifted by December 21, 2022. 

In December, following a lawsuit filed by nineteen GOP-led States that asked to keep the rule in place, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a stay on the rule’s expiration.

In December, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a state of emergency in preparation for the expected surge of illegal immigrants after the rule’s expiration.

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