Matt Gaetz to introduce resolution stating Trump 'did not commit an insurrection'

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In a Tuesday press conference, Rep. Matt Gaetz that he would be introducing a resolution in the House to express “the sense of Congress that President Trump did not commit an insurrection.”

The resolution, Gaetz said, has 63 cosponsors, and a companion piece of legislation is being filed in the Senate by Sen. JD Vance.

“We are here today to authoritatively express that President Trump did not commit an insurrection, and we believe Congress has a unique role in making that declaration. It’s not the job of states, and especially not the job of some bureaucrats in Colorado, to make this assessment and interfere with the rights of voters to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice,” said Gaetz.

Gaetz was joined by a number of Congressmembers at the press conference, who expressed their support for the resolution and Trump.

Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said, “the American people are smart. They know that the weaponized attacks of radical far-left prosecutors and Joe Biden’s Department of Justice against President Donald Trump are nothing more than a targeted political witch hunt used to further their own extreme far-left political agenda and hijack the will of the American people come election day.”

Rep Lauren Boebert said that all the cases brought against Trump amount to one thing: “election interference.”

“It’s an act of fear. They’re afraid of President Trump and they should be because they understand that President Trump, once he’s back in the White House, will undo all of the damage that the left has caused the American people over the past four years,” she added.

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