Matt Walsh Noticed Biden’s Bizarre Behavior at SOTU: ‘Classic Symptom of Alzheimer’s’

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For most Americans watching President Joe Biden’s occasionally hectoring State of the Union address on Tuesday, there had to be some jarring moments.

Where Democrats and progressives saw a passionate man taking on political opponents, many conservatives saw a mean-spirited demagogue setting up straw men only to knock them down.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh saw something far worse, though — and it doesn’t bode well for the country as a whole.

“Biden’s habit of randomly screaming for no discernible reason is a classic symptom of Alzheimer’s,” Walsh wrote in a Twitter post Tuesday night.

Walsh didn’t specify what he was referring to, but from the time stamp on the tweet, it was published about the same time Biden launched into full, finger-pointing fury regarding Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The unscripted moment was memorable — for the wrong reasons.

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