Maxine Waters Denies She’s a Socialist, But Then Chip Roy Quotes Her Own Words Right to Her Face

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There are many downsides to being a generally over-chatty person like Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters.

Your excess words may minimize slavery. Your excess words may incite violence. And your excess words may peddle lies that have long since been debunked.

But worst of all? Your excess words might very well come back to shoot you in the foot.

Case in point, Waters recently suffered a metaphorical bullet wound to her foot after a confrontation with GOP Rep. Chip Roy during a discussion about “Denouncing the Horrors of Socialism” by the House Rules Committee on Tuesday.

You can see the pertinent exchange below:

The exchange certainly starts off innocently enough.

Roy begins by recalling an op-ed written by a Democrat voter from Cuba, using it to skewer Waters’s past support for socialism.

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