McCarthy Issues Warning to Jan. 6 Committee About What’s Coming Once GOP Takes Control of Congress

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California has sent a letter warning the committee investigating the Capitol incursion that all of its work must be preserved so that the incoming Republican majority can review what has taken place.

“I remind you and your staff on the Committee to preserve all records collected and transcripts of testimony taken during your investigation,” McCarthy wrote to the committee’s chairman, Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, on Wednesday.

McCarthy said the panel needs to be held to the fullest possible scrutiny.

“You have spent a year and a half and millions of taxpayers’ dollars conducting this investigation. It is imperative that all information collected be preserved not just for institutional prerogatives but for transparency to the American people,” he wrote.

“The official Congressional Records do not belong to you or any member, but to the American people, and they are owed all the information you gathered — not merely the information that comports with your political agenda.”

Referring to a federal law that makes giving false statements to the government a crime, McCarthy added, “The American people have a right to know that the allegations you have made are supported by the facts and to be able to view the transcripts with an eye toward encouraged enforcement of 18 USC 1001.”

McCarthy, who is seeking to become speaker once the new Congress convenes with a GOP majority, said the incoming House will not continue the panel’s work but will investigate “why the Capitol complex was not secure on January 6, 2021.”

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