Megyn Kelly Absolutely Roasts Kimmel After Host Gets ‘Embarrassed’ by Tucker’s Basement Video

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Megyn Kelly shredded comedian-turned-Democratic Party activist Jimmy Kimmel after the far-left TV host attempted to smear Tucker Carlson for posting a video online after his ouster from Fox News.

Fox News abruptly ended its relationship with the top-rated host last Monday with no explanation.

Carlson was quiet for two days before he eventually posted a video online Wednesday. He did not address the separation directly, but he did challenge the media as Americans know it. In just a few days, the tweet reached nearly 80 million people.

The left-wing media cheered Carlson’s termination by Fox News, and no one was happier than Kimmel, who is lucky to hit that many views in a month on ABC.

Last week, the host aired a few clips from Carlson’s Twitter video. In one of them, Carlson said he had learned after a few days off that TV debates are more or less “meaningless.”

Carlson also said issues that are of actual substance are not discussed by the media.

Kimmel predictably cherry-picked a number of out-of-context segments from Carlson’s show that had aired throughout the years in an attempt to make him a punchline. His Thursday monologue was partially titled “Tucker Carlson Crawls Out of His Hole.”

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