Melania Trump and Instagram enter the world of NFTs

By now, it’s undeniable that everyone wants to enter the world of NFTs, including Melania Trump, the wife of former US President and social media giant Instagram.

Melania Trump launches her first NFT Art

Available for purchase from December 16-31, 2021, directly on her website, is Melania Trump’s new NFT Art. The Non-Fungible Token is called ‘Melania’s Vision’ and depicts the woman’s eyes; it is a limited edition priced at 1 SOL ($175 at the time of writing).

The proceeds will be given to the Be Best initiative to help children.

Here’s the announcement on Twitter:

The press release describes how the limited-edition Non-Fungible Token, signed by Trump, will be available for sale on her official website, from December 16-31, 2021, with the goal of supporting the country’s children in the Be Best initiative.

This is an excerpt from Read the full article here.

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