Meta sued over young girl’s eating disorder and self-harm

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A family in California is suing Meta for their daughter’s eating disorder and self-harm following her addiction to Meta’s platforms. The family of Alexis Spence is looking to hold the social media giant accountable for severe mental health struggles they claim are a result of Meta’s deliberate efforts to get pre-teens addicted to their products.

One group out of Seattle, the Social Media Victims Law Center (SMVLC), has taken on Alexis Spence’s case to sue Meta on behalf of the young girl for allowing her and countless other children to access products which Meta knows are addictive, harmful, and dangerous.

The family says that their once-confident-and-happy daughter Alexis began developing signs of depression and anxiety shortly after secretly opening an Instagram account at just 11 years old. Through Instagram, she was exposed to a plethora of dangerous content, including sexually explicit messages and photos from adults, as well as solicitation of sexual acts.

At 12 years old, Spence was drawing pictures of herself next to her phone with a thought bubble above her head saying things like, “kill yourself,” and “stupid, fat, worthless.” Spence continued to have a severe decline in her mental health, resulting in a life-threatening eating disorder and suicidal ideations, all of which her family attributes to social media addiction and the content Instagram exposed her to. Alexis’ family would eventually take on the economic and emotional impact of the medical treatments and hospitalizations that followed.

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