Michelle Obama’s Complaint About Trump’s Inauguration Shows Exactly What’s Wrong with the Left

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Former first lady Michelle Obama played the overused race card on her new podcast while recounting how furious she was during the January 2017 inauguration of former President Donald Trump.

“To sit on that stage and watch the opposite of what we represented on display — there was no diversity, there was no color on that stage,” she said Tuesday in a clip from “Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast.”

“There was no reflection of the broader sense of America,” Obama said.

The wife of former President Barack Obama said she was in a bad mood that day and could not hide her irritation during the live, televised event.

“Many people took pictures of me and they’re like, ‘You weren’t in a good mood?’ No, I was not,” she recalled. “But you had to hold it together like you do for eight years.”

This vacuous observation underscores that leftists obsessively view people through the divisive prism of race instead of seeing others as individuals.

The former first lady then took a petty jab at Trump, suggesting the crowd size at his inauguration was small.

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