Mike Huckabee: Sharp Viewers Noticed Telling Detail from FBI Director’s Interview with Fox News

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“Wray, in Fox News Interview, Says Sky Is Green and Trees Are Blue”

No, that headline is not from the Babylon Bee. Rather, it’s the best way to describe the interview that FBI Director Christopher Wray gave to Fox News’ Bret Baier on Tuesday evening.

Be honest: When you heard Wray was going to be doing an interview on Fox, the first thing you thought was, “Wow, THIS is going to be a gigantic waste of time…”

The second thing was, “He’s going to lie and completely deny reality, contradicting all those ‘Twitter Files’ and whistleblower reports showing how the FBI inserts itself into politics and targets conservatives.”

The third thing you thought was, “Hmm, he must have a reason for doing this interview right now.”

And you were right on all three counts! Yes, if you watched it, it was a colossal waste of your valuable time, just like every other interview with Wray you’ve ever seen.

Sadly, the FBI has lost all credibility. On sensitive issues, Wray is definitely not there to enlighten you, and he doesn’t. Also, he did lie and completely deny reality. Here are just a few examples:

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