‘Misinformation’ Will End Once the FDA Releases These Records, Says Top US Vaccine Investigator

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FORT WORTH, TEXAS—Death records of Americans and their vaccination status must be released to the public in order to end the “ambiguity” that surrounds the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, said Steve Kirsch, the country’s top independent vaccine investigator.

“If it’s really safe and effective, why would [the government] keep that data hidden? Why wouldn’t they produce that data and say, ‘See? We were right.’”

The ambiguity lies in the fact that mainstream scientists, the FDA, and the CDC are in lockstep with a narrative that mRNA vaccines are safe—despite the mounting evidence saying otherwise. And because of this narrative, citizen journalists like Kirsch have been labeled by the mainstream media as “misinformation superspreaders.” His Substack—where he posts his research—has over 220,000 followers. And in 2022, Kirsch learned that his Substack had been blocked at the CDC for being “unsafe.”

“We all want to end the misinformation. We just disagree on who is saying the misinformation. We think it’s the CDC and the FDA, and they think it’s us,” Kirsch said on Frontline Health.

“Well, let’s have a discussion. But you see, we can’t do that, because they never show up.”

We spoke with Steve Kirsch at the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) second Education Conference.


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