Miss Universe Philippines Contestant Is Asked About Men in Women’s Sports in Front of Trans Pageant Owner – She Gives a Brave Answer

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A contestant in the Miss Universe Philippines competition raised some eyebrows Saturday with her courageous response to a question about men who identify as female participating in women’s sports.

Krishnah Marie Gravidez of Baguio, one of the top five candidates in the event, was asked, “Trans women athletes are now being allowed to compete in women’s sports events in many international competitions. Do you think that this is a step in the right direction? Why, or why not?”

Gravidez replied, “I am all for equality for all genders, and I believe that we have the right to participate in any sports.

“However, I believe that there is a biological reason that we should not allow trans women in the women category, because I believe that there is a right time for that and there is right measurements to be done.”

It was a particularly awkward question, and a particularly bold answer, considering that a transgender media mogul became the owner of the Miss Universe program last year and was touted by establishment media outlets as the “first woman” to lead the pageant.

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