Missouri becomes latest state to BAN child sex changes, biological men competing in women's sports

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The proposed resolution says the city wouldn’t enforce laws that prevent people from that wish to seek, provide, or help someone wanting gender-affirming care. There would be no prosecution or fines for any person or organization, the outlet reports.

“It would minimize the legal violence toward trans people in accessing gender-affirming care,” a trans-identified resident named Merrique Jenso told the council committee.

More than twenty bills aimed at criminalizing child sex changes were introduced at the beginning of the 2023 state legislative sessions. Republican state lawmakers are seeking to ban so-called gender-affirming care for youth due to the lack of quality evidence to support it, the invasive and irreversible nature of the interventions, and the rising rates of detransition and regret. During this year’s legislative session, so far 16 states have enacted laws that ban gender-affirming care for minors.

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