Mom has major regrets about transing her young son

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An American mother who transitioned her 4-year-old son to live as a girl and then realized her mistake and transitioned him back to live as himself has told of the harrowing experience in a recent interview on the Triggernometry podcast, describing the realization that her son was not trans as being like “leaving a cult.”

Rose, who says she was a social justice warrior and a “true believer” of gender identity ideology, explained that she and her partner had socially transitioned their older son, a gender-nonconforming little boy who shows signs of autism, because they truly believed in innate gender identities and saw their effeminate boy as a “transgender girl.”

Rose said her oldest son was always different, and because they were looking at his differences through the lens of social justice and gender ideology, they saw a transgender child. Despite a nagging sense of discomfort, they did what good progressive parents are expected to do in that situation: they affirmed him and changed his name and pronouns.

It was only when his younger brother, at three years of age, announced that he too was a girl that the two mothers started to question the entire concept of the transgender child.

Rose describes bringing up their younger son’s transgender identity with the gender therapist, expressing her doubt that the identity was genuine, telling the therapist she felt it was more likely because he wanted to be close to his older sibling. But she describes being shocked when the therapist instantly began referring to her younger son as a girl.

“Immediately she switched to saying ‘she’ for our younger son. Just within seconds, literally seconds,” said Rose. “You know, you hear the stories of ‘my child wasn’t assessed.’ Assessment doesn’t exist when you believe that someone is innately trans. Assessment is actually in violation of that.”

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