Mom Issues Blistering Response to Biden Laughing Off Claim Her 2 Sons Died Under His Watch: ‘Despicable!’

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Whoever coined the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” clearly didn’t know too many mothers.

Because if there is one hellish wrath on this planet that is unmatched, it’s not that of a woman scorned — it’s that of a mother aggrieved.

And President Joe Biden is learning that firsthand after having the gall to laugh while talking about a mother who had lost her two sons because of fentanyl poisoning.

The mother in question, Rebecca Kiessling, apparently committed a mockable offense by having a conversation with outspoken GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene about the impact the fentanyl flooding across the nation’s southern border is having:

For even acknowledging the Georgia firebrand, Kiessling found her tragic story dismissed by Biden while he deflected blame for the deaths onto the Trump administration. It was, in hindsight, a perfect storm of just peak Biden-ness.

Here it is, so you can see for yourself:

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