Moms for Liberty suspended from Twitter after calling out groomers targeting 'trans kids'

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Twitter has been on a banning spree, suspending or banning accounts that call out “grooming” behavior on the site. Author and mathematician James Lindsay was banned for saying “ok, groomer,” YouTuber Tim Pool was locked out of his account for saying “Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia,” and now Moms for Liberty has been suspended, pending appeal, for speaking against the medical gender transition of children.

“These are self evident truths,” Moms for Liberty’s Tiffany Justice told The Post Millennial regarding the ban. “But a series of overwhelming pressures, at the same time allowing only a very limited set of alternatives for adapting to them is making it impossible to tell the truth. The truth has become hate speech on Twitter. There are no conversations anymore.”

Moms for Liberty, an advocacy group for parents and kids that recently held their first conference in Tampa, Fla., posted “Gender dysphoria is a mental health disorder that is being normalized by predators across the USA.”

“California kids are at extreme risk from predatory adults. Now they want to ‘liberate’ children all over the country. Does a double mastectomy on a preteen sound like progress?” they asked.

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